Hobby Horse Division


We have submitted our application to Guinness World Records for the first and fastest Half Marathon while riding on a Hobby Horse. It's this simple, run the fastest half marathon with a hobby horse between your legs and you are the world record holder*. We will also hold a 5k for those who wish to run with a hobby horse, but think a shorter distance might be more manageable. 

In 2018 Andrew Zabel ran 1:21.58 for a New Men's Unofficial World Record.





  1. Hobby Horse division entry is 1/2 the price of the Half Marathon entry.

  2. Hobby Horse division runners will receive limited addition Gear Western Hobby Horse socks. (they will not receive a Gear Western flannel shirt - but they may purchase the flannel shirt for an extra fee).

  3. Hobby Horse division runners provide their own hobby horses (artfully created) for the race**.
    Hobby Horse specs:  The pole (from the ground to the horse's neck) must be at least half as tall as the runner. The horse head must be larger than the runner's head. The horse head must have the appearance of a horse. Prizes for the best hobby horse creations!

  4. All Hobby Horse division runners start in the Hobby Horse starting corral.

  5. Hobby Horse division runners must gallop the first and last 100 meters of the race. There may be additional gallop zones along the half marathon race course. All gallop zones will be clearly marked.

  6. The Hobby Horse division runner must carry the Hobby Horse between their legs for the entire race. The runner can hold the Hobby Horse with their hand (the traditional technique) or the runner may use a harness to hold the Hobby Horse in position.


*Providing our application is approved by Guinness World Records.

**Hobby horse rentals available (but you really should make your own)

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